Professional On-Line Sound Engineering Course.

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"I learned how to mix like a professional with the ars Studios On-Line Sound Engineering Course. Now I know how all the dials on my audio software plug-ins work."
Robert Wilson. San Francisco

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Why choose our course?
Read about these characteristics of the ars On-Line
Sound Engineering course and you’ll know exactly
why to choose us.
Do you want to achieve a better sound on your recordings or maybe match the sound quality reached by professional sound engineers?

The chance to work with real professional recording methods like the ones used in the best commercial recording studios in America .
Suggestions on how to achieve a sound quality similar to those heard on artist's recordings.
Help in getting 100% out of the equipment and software available to you.

The pros have always known what the main elements involved in recording a record are. That's: using an organized professional recording method while knowing the right techniques, recommendations and tricks to get your songs to sound great.

TOTALLY ON-LINE - Making the course available to you whenever and wherever you happen to be.
SIMPLE - Our easy to follow lessons make learning effortless as you pass from one lesson to another.
FUN - you'll never get bored with the over 100 specially developed videos, sounds and 3D examples.

EASY TO COMPLETE - Our clear explanations mean there won't be anything too complicated for you to understand.
CERTIFICATE - On completion of the course will be awarded with a certificate.

Your songs will sound better, and you'll be a better artist because of it.
A relative short, but rigorous course that really teaches you all the important professional audio concepts that have ever existed... until now!
Click here and start your journey towards being a professional recording engineer, and make the best decision of your musical career yet.
What do our students think?
Our on-line courses will help you to get to grips with what’s needed to be a top professional.
"The lessons are simple, learning is fun and the results are more then obvious. All musicians and engineers should study this course."
Michael Willis, London
"After doing the ars on-line sound recording course, I changed the way I record and mix. Now my bands's songs sound clearer and more powerful than ever."
Jeff Atkinson, New York
"With the ars On-line sound course, I learnt to mix like a pro. Now I know what every button on my sound recording software is for."
Robert Wilson. San Francisco

For just 180 USD you can get our 2011 On-Line
Sound Engineering Course.